Since founded in 1994, the company has committed to provide quality service to customers. We provide the most professional team to manage the production, manufacturing and construction of our goods. Our company is continuously in pursuit of quality, from the structure, durability, and handling, to safety,practicality and appearance. Our goal is to meet the satisfaction of our clients.

We provide the most professional services to our customers. From advising the production process of goods to designing the circulation of kitchen, from the construction layout to the installation of products, the clients will experience our professional and sincerity.

In recent years, our research and development team have spent a lot of time and effort trying to improve the burner, and have developed a series of unique and patented products. Our new design has corrected the rust problem of imported burner, made the burner more repairable. The patented products will also reduce customer losses caused by maintenance, and eventually significantly reduce the
total cost of our clients.

To create a perfect dining atmosphere for customers is the dream of every owner. To build up a better quality ofequipment and working circulation is the desire of our company!